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Destination unknown. So why do you need to know anything about the track? Well then...

As you have probably read in the race overview section, the start and finish of the whole race is in Javorník. That is the only information that we can give you right now. The rest is classified until one week before the Etapák. That is when you will get your gpx files with the tracks of the individual stages. Only then you will know where the tracks lead and it will be up to you to deal with it. You can print maps, cheats, you can visit your psychologist or get yourself a crown of thorns. That is completely up to you.

Tracks of all the stages avoid surfaced roads as much as possible, so you will mainly ride on paths and trails. Look forward to fast segments with rubble and gravel, funny single tracks on forest paths and footpaths, dangerous slopes and complicated ascents. Sometimes, you will climb over fallen tree trunks, other times you will wade through high blades of grass and surely there will at least one river to be forded.

Basically a race neck and crop.

Still, to draw you in a little bit, here are the preliminary elevation profiles of the individual stages. That is, preliminary profiles, because the track will be finalized only in spring when the snow melts.

PROLOGUE – warming up








1. STAGE - some hilly 70 km

​2. STAGE – Queen stage, demanding hilly but not as long as usual

3. STAGE – Coming Home

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etapa 2.jpg
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