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Etapák – Cíl neznámý 2023 (Destination Unknown) is orienteering cross scooter adventure stage race, suitable for those, who like the combination of scooters, riding in rough terrain, wondering in the unknown landscape using (or more often not using) the roads and following the unmarked trail with only the GPS signal motivation in the form of delicious food, cold beer, campfire and burbling stream.

This race is organized with love for those who would like to (as well as we do) disappear from the ordinary life for four days to the remotest corners of our homeland, to deep forests, spring meadows, to roads, trails and almost unrecognizable footpaths with minimum of civilization, and after the all-day effort to calmly sit by the campfire and count all the stars above their heads.

These are its


Thursday, May 16 – Sunday, May 19, 2024


It is an orienteering stage cross scooter race that follows in the footsteps of the legendary series Etapák and as to its form it resembles the ultimate race 1000 miles Adventure.

Therefore, the format is a light version of survival with no support during the individual stages, but with boarding and accommodation provided on the locations of all starts and finishes.

The track of the race is specified beforehand and all racers have to stick to it, even though in reality it is not marked in any way. One week before the event, every racer gets gpx coordinates that s/he should upload to his or her GPS device, phone etc. and the rest is his or her own business.

The track avoids surfaced roads and civilized places as much as it is possible, so you will need a cross scooter, such as Kickbike Cross FIX.

Every racer has to be equipped with the compulsory equipment – see the section “rules and equipment”.


Javorník, a small city located in Eastern Bohemia almost at the Slovakian frontiers.


The capacity is 50 racers.

No non-racing entourage is allowed – there is no room :)


The track is divided into 4 stages, and the only location we give you now is the location of the start of the whole race – Javorník.

The exact track of the individual stages will remain hidden until the last week before the race, when the racers will obtain gpx files with the track of the whole race.

The preliminary itinerary of the race is the following.

  • May 16, 2024 – Prologue

Length approx. 5 km, individual time trial

Start 6 PM – Javorník

Finish – Javorník


  • May 17, 2024 – 1st stage

Length approx. 65 km

Start 9 AM – Javorník

Finish – Finish unknown

  • May 18, 2024 – 2nd stage, "Queen Stage"

Length approx. 80 km

Start 7.30 AM – Finish unknown

Finish – Finish unknown

  • May 19, 2023 – 3rd stage, "Coming Home"

Length approx. 55 km

Start 7.30 AM – Finish unknown

Finish – Javorník

Preliminary elevation profiles of individual stages can be found in section Track.


The accommodation is provided for all three nights of the race in warm rooms for two or more people per room.

All in rooms with own WC and shower. Sleeping bags are not needed.

The distribution of racers to the rooms will be done by the organizer on the basis of the applications in order to fit in nicely and to comply with the individual preferences of the racers :).


The organizer secures boarding in the following extent.

  • Thursday after the prologue and before the initial briefing – supper, soup and main course

  • Friday – breakfast, cauldron of soup after you finish (the amount is limited, be sure to ride fast), supper 

  • Saturday –  breakfast, cauldron of soup after you finish (the amount is limited, be sure to ride fast), supper

  • Sunday – breakfast

Catering starting Friday soup and ending Sunday breakfast is provided by Cíl neznámý with roasted turkey as a higlight. So no worries, this race is about food as well:)

No lunches or refreshments during the individual stages are provided. You can obtain tap water in the place of the accommodations for individual stages with no limitation.

For those who are always hungry, there will be restaurant in all overnight places. There will always be a fire in the evenings for sausages and other similar snacks. Apart from water, there will be also beer, which is basically a necessity for the Etapák tradition.


Baggage transportation from the start to the finish of individual stages is provided by the organizer. Every racer can load one piece of baggage of the standardized size of a sport bag (up to 75l). The baggage has to be supplied with the name of the racer.

The organizer also provides the basic tools for the scooter servicing and enough high-pressure inflation pumps.


The registration will be possible fromFebruary 1, 2024, 8pm onwards in the section „Registration“. The 2021, 2022 and 2023 editions were sold out in 5 minutes so be ready and fast!


The entry fee is

  • 200€ 

 and includes

  • complete organization of the race

  • 3x accommodation / Thursday, Friday, Saturday night

  • boarding in the extent – Thursday supper / Friday breakfast, afternoon soup, supper / Saturday breakfast, afternoon soup, supper / Sunday breakfast

  • in Cíl neznámý water, lemonade, beer unlimited use:)

  • the transportation of baggage between the locations of start and finish of individual stages

  • basic technical support

Detailed organizational instructions will be sent to all the racers via email one week before the date of the event at the latest.


If you do not have a cross footbike, it is possible to rent one by Koloběžky Brandýs or Kickbike for 60€ / race including transport to the start. 

By Brandýs::

1x Kickbike CrossFIX 

1x Kickbike CrossMAX Air 

1x Kickbike Cross29er

2x Kickbike Cross29er Hellcat 

1x Ženíšek 29x27,5

1x Kickbike RaceMAX 28 Renegade

By Kickbike:

All cross models Kickbike - Cross FIX, 29er, FAT MAX, Cross MAX 20 HD



Honza Vlášek

Organization of the race

tel.: 00420737535664

Martin "Marčáno" Brož

1000miles Adventure footbike record holder, trackmaster, graphical and art support, race spirit guard

Ladislav Bartůněk jr.

Winner of the Czech Cross Cup 2020, trackmaster, technical and IT support

Tomáš Pelc

Czech Rollo league 2020 champion, trackmaster and GPS support

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