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Etapák – Cíl neznámý is a race for everyone, who wants to follow the same road as we do. For everyone, who honors the spirit of the race, as pronounced through the mouth of Jaroslav Foglar and specified by the quotation of Emil Zátopek:

„A sportsman cannot run with money in his hands. He has to run with hope in his heart and dreams in his head.“

Therefore I believe that to have a long full-range rules of the race is not necessary. We add just several points that you have to conform to and these are and always will be inferior to the rules of fair play.


Basic provisions

  • Everyone races at his or her risk.

  • Every racer has to follow the traffic rules.

  • The cycling helmet is obligatory at any time

  • Every racer has to act responsibly towards the landscape that will surround him or her; all the waste produced during individual stages has to be taken to the finish of the stage (apart from the products of his or her digestion)

  • Every racer has to be equipped with compulsory equipment at the start of every stage – without it s/he cannot participate in the race.

  • Every racer should in the spirit of fair play help to any opponent in case s/he is in any kind of need. If s/he fails to do so, s/he will have to deal with his or her own conscience, that will definitely make itself heard under the starry sky.


Only those racers who are 18 years old on the starting day of the race can participate.

The categories are:


  • men 18 – 49

  • men 50 – infinity

  • women 18 – 49

  • women 50 – infinity

The decisive factor for the classification in the category is your age on the day of the prologue

Each category will be open in case there are at least 3 racers in it.


  • a team consists of two racers of same sex who have been registered as a team

Mix Teams

  • a mix team consists of two racers of different sex, preferably man and women :) who have been registered as a team

Track logging

We leave up to you how you navigate through the Etapák. Nevertheless, you have to log the exact route you took and hand it as a gpx file in the finish of every stage to the organizers to check.

If you leave the assigned track, you always have to return to the point where you left it and continue from there onwards.

If you fail to follow the assigned track in its whole length, you will be disqualified.


Any support negotiated beforehand with the third party is forbidden during the race.

Every racer has to get by himself, with the equipment s/he has or can acquire during the race. Supporting cars, sports managers and fridges with blood banks are not allowed. To hold bellows to the smith who welds together your broken fork is allowed.


Everyone who finishes the race is a winner, but someone always has to be the first.

  • The racer who arrives as the first one to the finish of a stage is the winner of the particular stage.

  • The racer who has the shortest total time is the winner of the Etapák. Total time is the sum of prologue and all three stages.

  • The team that has the shortest total time summed up together is the winner of the competition of teams (that is the sum of the prologue and all stages times of both members).

  • The Mix Team that has the shortest total time summed up together is the winner of the competition of Mixed Teams. A time of both team members in one stage may not differ more than 30 minutes.

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