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The track leads within the borders of relatively civilized Czech Republic, however, it deliberately avoids as much traces of civilization (towns, villages) as possible – even though it is not entirely possible and you will visit some villages during the race. With regard to the character of the race the organizers specifies two sets of equipment – the first one is compulsory and the second only recommended.

Compulsory equipment

Without this equipment you will not be able to participate in the race. Compulsory equipment will be checked before the start and if you do not have anything from the list, we will not let you start the stage!

  • scooter

  • bike helmet

  • GPS device or another device that is able to log your track

  • fully charged mobile phone – in case that the phone is a navigation device, you have to have another fully charged mobile phone or a power bank

  • the Záchranka (Emergency) app installed in your phone – in case of emergency (you can call for help by one click)

  • app installed in your phone – in case you get completely lost, so you can find out again where you are and for us to find you easily

  • spare tubes or patches and glue

  • small pump

  • isothermal Alu blanket in case of an injury

  • at least 1 liter of water

  • at least 100 CZK in cash

  • ID and insurance card

  • head lamp or a front light – you will probably not need it, but once you get lost, the night can come pretty quick

Recommended equipment

  • even though it is not a part of compulsory equipment, we really recommend GPS navigation; however, you can also use a printed map where you mark the track beforehand according to the gpx coordinates, or you can navigate in any other way you prefer. The navigation with a GPS device will always be the quickest and most reliable.

  • spare batteries to your navigation device, power bank etc.

  • food according to your own preferences – remember that you might ride for about 10 hours per day

  • more than the compulsory half a liter of water

  • first-aid kit

  • basic tools for basic scooter repairs

  • spare clothes – waterproof jacket, wind jacket, socks in case you meet a ford etc.


Equipment for the free time

Apart from the racing, you will spend your time in fitted accommodation facility.

All days there will be also an ordinary pub with all its advantages.


  • sleeping bag, if you tend to feel cold anywhere and anytime; bed linen is, however, provided

  • clothes for going outside, near the campfire, spring etc.

  • your own mug, beer mug, vacuum bottle etc. can be useful

  • any food, that you might want to eat beyond the scope of the official menu 

  • guitar, football, football tennis net, pétanque balls, and basically anything that we can have a lot of fun playing with

The internet signal in the location of Friday and Saturday accommodation is very low, so do not plan doing any work from notebook after you finish the individual stages etc.

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